Hello Bruce



Python, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

Software / Tools:

Blender, Aseprite, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity, Unity

About me..
Full-Stack dev from Manchester UK. Lover of all things code. Perfectionist in practice.


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After Heading straight into the workplace after college, unsure what to choose as a career and over a decade working in the Coffee industry it was time, to go confidently in the direction of my biggest ambition. Coding. Creating my own personal, educational road-map was exciting, rewarding, and resulted in numerous Google searches, Udemy Courses and it's fair share of Stack Overflow questions. The fullstack is my focus, as is experiencing the full development life-cycle, and having a firm belief in the growth mindset.

- In January 2017 I spent 4 weeks in Guatemala volunteering in a coffee co-operative with the local coffee farmers and families -